The 2017 Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions came to a close Saturday night at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Only one of the 10 matches was decided in a 3-2 split decision, while 2 ended 4-1.

7 of the 10 fights were dominated by the best amateur boxers in the world, ending in unanimous 5-0 decisions.

Below is a rundown of the finals.


2017 National Golden Glove Tournament of Champions

Lafayette, Louisiana

Saturday, May 6th Results


                                Winner                                                                 Loser

108 lb Class

  1. Angel Martinez, Chicago Pts 5-0             Xavier Rodriguez, Texas


114 lb Class

  1. Derry Noble, California Pts 5-0             Jorge Carlos, Kansas City


123 lb Class

  1. Aaron Morales, Kansas-Oklahoma Pts 3-2       Rasheen Brown, Pennsylvania


132 lb Class

  1. Keyshawn Davis, Washington DC Pts 5-0             Adrian Benton, Cincinnati


141 lb Class

  1. Aadam Ali, New Jersey Pts 5-0             Marcell Davidson, Kansas City


152 lb Class

  1. Leon Lawson, Florida Pts 4-1             Sean Charleston, Knoxville


165 lb Class

  1. Poindexter Knight, Pennsylvania Pts 4-1             Robert Terry, New Jersey


178 lb Class

  1. Abel Gonzalez, Florida Pts 5-0             Vladmir Dalton, New Jersey


201 lb Class

  1. Cam Awesome, Kansas City Pts 5-0       Marquise Williams, New York Metro


201+ Class

  1. Richard Torrez, California Pts 5-0             Fernely Feliz, New England

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