This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to co-host the 2013 Acadiana telethon for Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana. I worked with and met some truly inspiration people, both those who volunteer because they have a family member or loved one struggling with CP and those who volunteered because they want to help out.

I honestly didn't know anything about CP before doing the telethon, but now I feel I know the two most important things to know. First, CP is not a disease, it's a condition, one that adversely affects a child's motor abilities. Also, The average lifetime cost for a person with cerebral palsy totals nearly $1 million over and above the costs experienced by a person without the disability.

What that means is that people with CP can live fulfilling and active lives, but not without help. Consider helping those who struggle with CP, whether financially or through your time, talent, or all three. To learn more, visit Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana's website and/or their Facebook page.

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