British citizens should be proud of their fellow brethren Adele, Coldplay and Florence + the Machine, thanks to their performances at the 2012 BRIT Awards last night (Feb. 21.) They should also adopt Rihanna, because the Bajan beauty also brought the house down with her performance.

Like at the 2012 Grammy Awards, Adele performed ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ which is the song that kicked off the massive success of the much-worshiped ’21.’ Adele looked classy and beautiful with bouffant hair and a black dress. Once again, she proved her voice rebounded just fine from surgery. Her performance was strong and strikingly similar to that which she turned in at the Grammys. Her lashes were so long we worried she might float away if she batted them too much. If you look close and hit rewind, you can see that massive diamond on her left hand.

RiRi performed her smash hit ‘We Found Love’ with dancers encased in block-like structures on stage. She also chose to forego pants in favor of a baggy, white sweatshirt-type top and construction boots. Despite being dressed down, it was typical sexalicious Rihanna, rocking huge hoop earrings. Given her recent remixes with her ex Chris Brown, the lyrics feel all the more autobiographical. The choreography was banging, too.

RiRi’s ‘Princess of China’ cohorts, Coldplay, brought the rock as they opened the show. With explosions going off in the background, they performed ‘Charlie Brown’ in the middle of the crowd. Few rock as flawlessly as Chris Martin and company. Their fellow countrymen ought to be proud.

Our favorite redhead Florence Welch delivered another epic performance. When doesn’t she, right? She was surrounded by peasant-like dancers that cavorted on the floor as she radiated while standing in a gold column gown. Gorgeous as always. There was also a lot of light on the stage, despite her performing ‘No Light, No Light.’ She’s another British vocal treasure.

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