A little girl with stage fright got in front of her peers and performed Adele's "Hello" thanks to the love and support of her cousin and best friend.

On TikTok, mom Jennifer Wallace shared the heartwarming moment her then-8-year-old daughter Adrianna powered through her fear and delivered an incredible performance at summer camp.

Jennifer posted the video, which was filmed five years ago, as part of TikTok's "try not to cry challenge."

"If you make it through this whole video without crying you’re tougher than me," she captioned the clip, sharing in a text overlay, "We spent the summer preparing for an end of camp talent show."

The mom explained Adrianna had been "struggling with major stage fright" and therefore "hadn't been able to rehearse in front of her peers."

The day of the talent show, Adrianna, with a "little help from her cousin and friend," finally found the courage to sing, with the two other girls comforting her on stage as she performed.

When the cousin realized Adrianna was still nervous, "she held her tighter and sang along," beaming with pride before she "became emotional and started to cry," Jennifer continued.

"It's the sweetest moment I've ever witnessed," the emotional mom wrote. "Adults can learn a lot from kids and how they support and lift each other up."

Watch Adrianna's powerhouse performance, below:

TikTok users in the comments were blown away by the girl's voice and gushed about her sweet support system, too.

"That's the transference of energy. Little mama is an empath. She took on her worry and pain and allowed her to shine while still [being] strong. Well done," one person wrote, referring to the cousin.

"I’m cryingggg, not only is she amazing at singing, but the sweet girl on the left had me in tearssss," another commented.

"Her voice is out of this world. Already so talented at a young age. She’s awesome for getting up there and facing her fear!" someone else shared.

"Stage fright is one thing, but SINGING while you have stage fright is a different level. The way she controlled her pitches and vocals is AMAZING! Wow!" another gushed in the comments.

In another TikTok, Jennifer shared an update about Adrianna and her cousin, revealing the two are still the best of friends to this day.

"Everyone has been so sweet about our video, thought you’d like this before and after update," she captioned the clip. Watch below:

Today, Adrianna is 13 and part of a singing trio called The Wallace Sisters alongside her siblings Mia, 16, and Audrey, 15.

Listen to Adrianna's more recent cover of "Hello," below:

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