WKYC in Cleveland is reporting two sisters, 12-year-old Chasey Scaravilli and 14-year-old Scout Scaravilli, were transported to a local Cleveland Heights, Ohio hospital Sunday after a bizarre hammock accident.

Chasey and Scout were lying in a hammock that was attached to a tree on one end and a brick pillar on the other. The weight of the girls was just enough to pull down the unstable brick pillar. When police officers arrived on the scene, they found that the brick pillar had collapsed on top of the girls. Officers removed the bricks to gain access to the trapped sisters. They were then transported to the hospital where they died from their injuries a few hours later.

The community is stunned over this bizarre accident and is mourning the loss of these two beautiful girls. The girls attended Hathaway Brown School. The school says the girls will be missed by friends, classmates and teachers. Fran Bisselle, Head of the school said, "Our thoughts and prayers are dedicated to their family." The school sent letters to school families.

Chasey Scaravilli and Scout Scaravilli leave behind two younger sisters. The accident is under investigation.

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