People in Louisiana are digging deep into the closets to see if they have a calendar from 1996.

Look, we collect and put away a lot of things, but do you keep calendars from previous years? Well, if you do you may want to look for a calendar dating back to the year 1996.

Calendars from the year 1996 are going for decent money online and some are going for as much as $200.

So why are calendars from 1996 in such high demand in 2024? It turns out that the vintage calendars from 1996 can be used in 2024, yes they match up.

The reason calendars from 1996 work this year is that both years are leap years and each year started on a Monday.


Calendars from 1996 can be used in 2024, and then not again until the year 2052. So, if you collect things, you may want to get into the closets or attic to see if you still have one from 1996.

For sports fans, you may recall that in 1996 it was an Olympic year, and 2024 is too. Now, let's all start digging and if you happen to find a calendar from 1996, do you put it up for sale online? Check out what some are going for on eBay before you make that decision.

If you want to take a look back on the year 1996, check out this video, and let's go back to a time when life was a bit slower.


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