Baton Rouge Police arrested a 14-year-old girl on Valentine's Day after they were notified that she attempted to use a website to find a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend.

Apparently, the young woman used the website in her attempt to off her ex. The site offers employees willing to carry out your demands, including murder.

There's a catch with the site -- it's set up to help police catch people looking to commit acts of violence throughout the country.

The website's administrator, Guido Fanelli, contacted the Baton Rouge Police Department back in January and notified them of the girl's motives.

“We conducted an investigation on it and through the course of our investigation, we learned that information was indeed placed on the website. We made contact with the 14-year-old girl and then arrested her for soliciting to kill the ex-boyfriend,” said L’jean Mckneely with BRPD.

It is believed this is the first known attempt in Louisiana to try to hire a hitman using this site. Outside of the state, others have landed behind bars for falling for the fake propositions.

The website has been featured on major media outlets across the country and has been around for a while.

“The website has been in existence for 17 years and they have been beneficial to law enforcement in sharing information,” Mckneely added.

The website appears to be set up as a bit of a farce, but clearly, some people do not catch on. If you scroll through the site you'll see the posts are written sarcastically. You'll even find fake testimonials from so-called satisfied "customers"  with their images blurred out.

“People do take it seriously and the information they’ve gotten they shared with law enforcement. And they have been beneficial in stopping things from occurring,” Mckneely explained.

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