Pardon me, but I need to brag just a little bit about my niece, Kinlee Vice. Actually, it's not so much bragging as it is celebrating her selflessness.

A little back story first about this sparkling 10-year-old. She has quite a personality. She's silly, fun, adventurous, athletic, and really enjoys the outdoors. That latter love of hers ties in the most to the story ahead.

Her dad and mom are avid outdoors enthusiasts. Most weekends of the year you'll find them taking Kinlee and her two sisters (13-year-old Rilee and 5-year-old Marlee) to one of their two hunting camps in Arkansas or Missouri for deer hunting in the winter. And in the summertime, they spend a lot of time in Grand Isle catching specks and redfish.

All the girls love the outdoors, but Kinlee seems to enjoy it the most. She loves it so much that right now her aspirations are to become a game warden with Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries.

How many 10-year-old girls do you know want to be a Game Warden? I think that's cool.

On July 15, Kinlee celebrated her birthday. Finally double digits. So on that weekend, it was birthday party time.

Kinlee's mom and my sister-in-law Emma texted me the invitation to the party. It was your typical "it's July so come swim and celebrate" kind of party invite.

But there was something on the invite that caught my attention. It was a request from Kinlee about gifts. It read as follows:

Kinlee Says: Your presence is enough, she already has too much stuff! But she is accepting $10 donations to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries!!!

When the party rolled around on Saturday, I could tell that pretty much all of the guests adhered to the request. I didn't see any big-box presents, but tons of cards or loose money in a fishbowl.

The decorations for the party were definitely "outdoors" themed down to maps of wildlife management areas from Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries hung on a wall.

Kinlee got a surprise during the party. A friend of my brother shared with a friend of his at Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries about Kinlee's party and her intentions for donations to LDWF.

So during the party, a local game warden with LDWF showed up in his work truck to surprise Kinlee and show appreciation for what she had done.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

It really was one of the sweetest moments you could ever witness. She was beaming with pride. The agent also presented her with a gift, which included a new life jacket and LDWF t-shirts.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

There was also an invitation extended to Kinlee for her to come down to the LDWF offices in Lafayette to take a tour and meet more of the agents there.

At the end of the party, monies were tallied, and with a matching donation by my brother Jordy and his wife Emma's business, the total donation going to LDWF was going to be $750.

However, her new friends at LDWF had an even better idea. They had a great organization in mind that could use the donation. The Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association decided to match Kinlee's money and collectively they made a donation yesterday to Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

Trinity Outdoors is a non-profit group that helps those with disabilities "step out" from the usual way of life and "step into" a new way that can build confidence, provide spiritual uplifting, and have the opportunity to surround themselves with others who are experiencing the same challenges in life.

Activities such as tennis, golfing, hunting, fishing, and canoeing, kayaking, camping, hiking, and summer camps are organized to help bring members together for memorable spiritual experiences of a lifetime.

I've been told that with the donation, at least four kids will be treated to either hunting or fishing trips.

With all the junk in this world, this is the kind of good that we need to remember exists.

Kinlee, thanks for your kind heart. The world needs more sweethearts like you.

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