There are preconceived notions about almost everything in life: when you go to get a shot, you think it will hurt when, in actuality, it doesn't always. When you have to go to your mother-in-law's house you think you'll be berated for some reason when, in reality, sometimes you aren't. When you have to go to the DMV you think that you will have to wait in line for a long time when, in reality - well, okay, maybe this one is right, but you get my point: sometimes things aren't as we expect.

With that being said, I always thought that going to a symphony would be boring. I just knew that I wouldn't enjoy that "hoity-toity" music when, in reality, I did!

The Acadiana Symphony has come up with 10 reasons you should go to the symphony, and I thought I'd share them with you.

You could take someone else's assumptions as Gospel when, in reality, the symphony ROCKS!! Get on board. Get a ticket.

  • 1

    Impress your date/spouse/friend with how suave and classy you are.

    James Bond will have nothin on you, and you don’t even have to say anything!  Just sit back, enjoy the music, and head out for dinner after to talk about how wonderful it was! The perfect night out!

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  • 2

    Because a concert is like going to the gym for your brain.

    Classical Music is not only food for your soul, it has been scientifically proven as a great workout for the brain! It stimulates brain functions and helps to release the “feel good” hormone dopamine (that’s dope)!



  • 3

    The musicians on stage have been working on their craft since they were kids. In fact you may have even been in kindergarten class with them, because they’re local!

    The symphony hires local musicians as often as possible, such as Troy Breaux and Emma Guidry.


  • 4

    Think of how awesome your Snaps and Facebook posts will be! Throw in Instagram, and you will have the trifecta of social media influence!

    They won’t be your typical, “look I’m at the gym” or “bored at work” posts, it will be more of a “look how cool I am, you know you want to be here too” kinda thing.



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  • 5

    The Symphony is just for rich people?! This isn’t your Great-Grandmother’s symphony!

    As if! Our “Pick 3” concert package comes out to about $42 per ticket, which is about the same as a trip to the movies, all the while you are supporting local musicians, school programs, and a local organization dedicated to keeping Acadiana filled with music! So head to the symphony and check out that movie when it hits Netflix.



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  • 6

    Two words: Date Night. When was the last time you saw your boyfriend or husband dressed up a bit ready to take you out on the town?

    You love your man no matter what, tshirt, jeans, flip flops, but let’s face it: when he gets a little dressed up and you smell that cologne, (insert heart-eyes emoji here) va va va voooooom!! And you can totally end the night at your favorite hole in the wall, just to impress those people too.



  • 7

    Are you a student, Military or First Responder? You can’t afford NOT to go! And bring the kids, because they’ll love it too!

    With your ID, head to the box office the night of the performance and you can purchase up to 6 tickets for $10 EACH!



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  • 8

    You heard that the concerts were loooooooong and booooooooring? Who said that?!

     Long? Nah. The average concert is about 90 minutes, which leave you plenty of time to head out for an after-party to keep the evening going! Boring? Well as my Grandma always said: “Bored people are boring people”! So, here's an idea: don’t be boring. Enjoy the music!


  • 9

    You thought people watching was only fun at the DMV or Festival International.

    Not only will you enjoy the music, but you will enjoy everyone in the audience enjoying the music! Closing their eyes, waving their fingers, bobbing their heads - great for people watching.  To top that, in between each piece is that moment when all the people who have been holding a cough, sneeze or throat-clearing sound off: “COUGH! COUGH! HACK! HACK! BRAAHHH! HORK! HORKHORKHORK!” and then the music starts again and everyone falls silent. Very entertaining. I’m sure there is “Symphony Bingo” out there somewhere!



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  • 10

    Who said it won’t the best nap you will ever take?!

    Some people fall asleep during a massage, I’ve even heard of people falling asleep at the dentist (just make sure you go with someone who has your back, you know, the friend who will wake you up if you start snoring AFTER they snap you doing it). But the music will lull you, quite possibly to a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.  


    Again: Get on board.  Get a ticket.  THE SYMPHONY ROCKS!!


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