One of the necessary components to enjoying the Halloween season is great horror movies. You can search the ol' Interwebs and find a billion or so differing opinions on which movies are best or worst and why, including this list. I decided to limit such a lengthy discussion to titles available on Netflix Streaming.

Honestly, Netflix doesn't have the same great selection of classic horror movies it offered last Halloween. There are still a few gems there, but I'm disappointed with the lineup. The delivery service offers tons more horror classics that would make this list, so if you have the standard Netflix service, you'll have a better selection to choose from. Here are my top horror films from the digital titles available this Halloween season. Enjoy!

  • 1

    Sleepy Hollow

  • 2

    The Babadook

  • 3

    The Legend of Hell House

  • 4

    The Houses October Built

  • 5

    The Fly

  • 6

    Scream 2

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