A twelve-year-old girl is dead after a shooting happened at a graduation party in New Orleans according to WWL.

Detectives are still investigating the shooting, and the New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson says they are still trying to figure out if the little girl is from New Orleans or if she came to the party with family. Very few details are being released at this time as investigators are still trying to figure out all of the details surrounding the shooting.

At a press conference concerning the shooting, Ferguson says this tragedy did not have to happen, and it's devastating that it happened while someone was trying to celebrate an accomplishment.

A woman who was at the party told WWL that she did render aid to the little girl. She told them,

I ran to the little girl and seen there was blood. I wrapped her up as best as I can. I tried to put pressure on it so she didn't bleed out. We got more towels, I wrapped her some more.

The woman told the tv station that she has some medical training from her time in the military so she helped as much as she could.

Another neighbor who heard the shots came out of her house on Delery Street to find that a teenager was hiding in one of her trees in order to avoid being hit with gunfire.

In addition to the death of the twelve-year-old, one man is in critical condition at a New Orleans hospital, and one other person was injured.

Ferguson says this shooting was just one of more than half a dozen that happened over the weekend. He adds that they are still getting help from Louisiana State Police as crime continues to creep up in the New Orleans area. He says they are working on a new strategy in an effort to curb crime.

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