People in the know will tell you fighting over money destroys more marriages than adultery, abuse, addiction & alcoholism combined. What leads to these conflicts?

A recent survey by XO Group may shed some light.

They surveyed over 2,100 engaged, married or pregnant couples.

They found 55% of engaged couples quarrel over whether their wedding is the best way to spend their money.  49% fight over details of the wedding plans because they don’t have the budget for the wedding they want.

45% of married couples fight because they want nice things, but can’t afford them.  41% disagree on budget priorities.

58% of pregnant couples didn’t wait until they were financially secure to get pregnant.  35% of these couples argue about whether they can afford a baby, and 68% aren't sure their income is enough.

If you're planning to marry for the first time, let me share a lesson I learned the hard way.

Don't promise, prepare.