Unless you’ve spent the last 24 hours in some style of silent meditation, you’ve undoubtedly heard by now that Saints head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for the entirety of the 2012 – 2013 football season for his involvement in the ‘Bounty Gate’ scandal. Coach Payton may not be able to man the sidelines for the Saints next year, but he’s got to do something, right? With an impressive resume that includes a Super Bowl trophy Coach Payton shouldn’t have trouble finding work, but just in case he’s confused about what to do next, we’ve put together a list of ideas for him. Here’s a few things Sean Payton could do with his time off.

1. Point Guard for the Hornets
-Since CP3 left the Big Easy the Hornets haven’t been the same. Coach Payton has been running the Saints offense to near perfection for the past few years so why not give running the Hornets a shot?

2. Join the Presidential Race
-We’ve never had president serve a one year term, but considering the candidates we’re going to have to chose from come election day Coach Payton for one year may be better than the other guys for four. He managed to turn the Saints around in one year, why not give him a shot with the country?

3. Saints Third String Quarterback
-They said he can’t be our coach next season, but they didn’t say anything about being a player. Give him a playbook, a set of pads, and a headset. He may be the highest paid third string quarterback ever.

4. Read 'The Hunger Games' series

-Just so he can say, "I liked the movie, but the books were so much better".

5. Jersey Shore House
-The Situation is in rehab, Snooki is pregnant, and Vinny wants out. Let’s give Coach Payton a blowout and fake tan, and see if he can’t bring some leadership to America’s favorite least favorite people.

6. NOLA Cab Driver
-It might be a significant pay cut, but how excited would you be if Sean Payton picked you up from Bourbon Street?

7. 99.9 KTDY Co-host
-We got your back coach.

8. ‘Bounty Gate’ – The Movie
-Sean Payton as Sean Payton and Charlie Sheen as Mickey Loomis. You KNOW you’d pay to see that.

9. Swamp People
-Let’s get Coach Payton 100 gator tags and put him in a boat with Troy Landry. Television gold.

10. Find Him In Mississippi; Finish the Job
-If you’re going to get suspended for a year for trying to hurt Brett Favre…


Those are our ideas. What do you think Sean Payton should do next year? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to click the “Like” button to share this with your friends. If you’re on Twitter, tell us know how you think Coach Payton will spend his time off with #NextYearSeanPaytonWill.