Fox 23

Two men in Oklahoma had to "be gay for a second" in the back seat of a police car after being arrested.  One of them was hiding three eight-balls of meth in his mouth.

The cops didn't know he had it.  He was in the back of a squad car getting ready to swallow it, and his friend told him it would kill him.  So then they came up with the brilliant plan to split it between them.  They were both cuffed so they had to come up with a plan.  They decided the only way to exchange the drug was to kiss.

Timothy Povlick and Derek Boff didn't know that the cars new dash cam was not only recording video but also audio.  Povlick is heard telling Boff, "We're gonna have to be gay for a second.  It's nasty, dog, I'm telling you."  The camera actually saved Povlick's life, because he still swallowed a lethal amount of meth. When the cops returned to the car and checked the video they rushed to the hospital.