My father was a career military man and at the age of 19, I enlisted in the United States Army.  I had no clue how difficult the time away from home was going to be for me, but I soon found out.  Missing holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc., getting home soon became the motivator for me to 'get through' my military service.  After 5 years, I was finally home for good.

Looking back, I realize how easy I had it in the military.  We trained daily for war, but I never had to go.  I was usually just a few hours away from a phone call home most of the time while I was enlisted;  I can not begin to imagine how difficult it is being deployed during war time.  I CAN imagine that it would make homecomings so much sweeter.

Welcome Home Blog has some of the best "Welcome Home" videos on the web. I didn't make it all the way through this video without getting emotional.  Please, at some point during your 'time off' for the holidays, take a moment to think about what our military personnel are going through, and what hardships their families endure during their absence.

Right now, enjoy the reunions:

(Via Youtube)