When I first watched this video, I was shocked.  Half-way through the second viewing, I was seething.

Via a 'loophole' in the IRS tax code, undocumented workers are able to use the "Additional Child Tax Credit" to claim children WHO ARE NOT EVEN LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES on their taxes!!  Sometimes these 'loopholes' allow tens of thousands of dollars in refunds, totaling over a BAJILLION dollars!!  (Okay, maybe not a bajillion, but at least half a kajillion)  Millions of dollars, sent to other countries.  It's dishonest.  It's immoral.  It's a crying shame.  Watch the video:



The IRS can do nothing about it?!??!  Really?!  This report should be enough for Congress to raise serious questions about how our country is run....   I'm sorry, what was that??  Congress ARE the ones who run our country??  Do THEY know that??


(Via Youtube)