IRS Loophole Will Make Some Rich, Are You One Of The Lucky? [VIDEO]
An IRS loophole is making some people rich, but where does the money come from?  From those of us who don't get to cash in, that's where.
There is an enormous amount of people here in the United States getting rich off the American government, and this video will either explain to you …
Does the IRS Owe You Money? Find Out!
Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy is reaching out to Louisiana residents whose income tax refunds from years past are waiting to be claimed. Kennedy is advising Louisiana residents to check out the refund list at
Breast Implant Write-Off…Say What?
Done Your Taxes Yet?  You May Be Able To Deduct More Then You Think!

Unfortunately, our current tax system is like a big game, with taxpayers looking for every deduction they can find that will help reduce their tax bill.
12 Common Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid in 2011
Knock Knock...Uncle Sam Calling
Let's face it: For many taxpayers, Tax Day is a major source of stress. Worries over whether you can file your return on time, pay what you owe and avoid an audit can rattle even the calmest of nerves and cause you to make a mistake. Mistakes on your tax return can ca…

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