Look out, Payton Manning, Drew Brees is giving you some competition - as a commercial actor! Here are my picks for the 'Best of Drew Brees' off the field.

  • Drew Brees You're Not My Friend

    Even though he's kind of acting like a jerk in this one, he's good!

  • Drew Brees Misses Second Half

    Even though he's acting like a ditz... still good!

  • Drew Brees New Assistant

    The line would be around the Superdome to apply for this position!

  • Drew Brees on Entourage

    I think it's funny that he went from this to comercials for a cell phone company.

  • Drew Brees Locker Room for AdvoCare

    Love the part where he runs across the screen!

  • Drew Brees for ESPN SportsCenter

    My all-time favorite!