Christina Perri Gets New Tattoo on Her Fingers
It must be the season for unusual tattoos. Not long after Lil Wayne got the name of his skate company etched on his forehead, pop singer Christina Perri has apparently inked "CAPO NODO" on her fingers, as seen in a new photo she revealed on Instagram.
11-Year-Old Talent
What is it that draws us to 'fascinate' over young people who are this talented? Just a quick check of the internet brings up famous composers that debuted before the age of 10, some writing complete concertos by the age of 16, so the 'young talent' is nothing new.
America's (and probably the rest of…
10-Year-Old Heather Russell
This young lady is showing promise!  
Music mogul and former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell has signed a 10-year-old Canadian singer to his record label after being seeing her clips. Click on this link to read the story and watch the video of this 10-ye…