What is it that draws us to 'fascinate' over young people who are this talented? Just a quick check of the internet brings up famous composers that debuted before the age of 10, some writing complete concertos by the age of 16, so the 'young talent' is nothing new.

America's (and probably the rest of the world's) viewership of programs like American Idol and America's Got Talent and X-Factor and similar programs still brings in the big bucks for network television, testifying to 'our' thirst for young/new talent.

Is it the music/talent that we love so much?  Is it the hope that our favorite contestant makes the cut?  Is it that we enjoy living vicariously through the contestants?  All of the above?

Remember how proud we were of our 'little' Hunter Hayes when he got on that stage with Hank Williams Jr. and played his heart out?  I don't think that you could go to ANY corner of Acadiana and not hear chatter about Hunter (and in every group, there was someone who 'knew someone' who knew him or his daddy or his family..ha!).

I don't know what the fascination is, but it is a fascination that fascinates me.  If that is legal.  If not, give me a 'heads-up', and I'll secure a lawyer, just in case.

Oh, by the way, here's the  video of the 11-year-old who wrote a lullaby for her newborn cousin, inspired by an observation that her mother made on the way to the hospital for the birth.  Enjoy....

So, there I was enjoying this song, and I thought to myself "Self, why don't you search for more stuff by this Anna Graceman".  So I did.  Looks like Ellen found her years before I did.

And another.  About having a broken heart.  This one has a little more production to it, giving her voice a slightly haunting echo.  I think, of the three that I have seen so far, this one by far best showcased her vocal ability.

Of course, as I am cruising through these videos, I come across a link that reads 'AnnaGraceman.'com.  I am so compooter-illitterutt!  I should have looked for her website first; it would have saved me some time!  Most of her videos are on her site http://annagraceman.com/