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Flag Of The Day
Nothing says "America" like Old Glory.  This story is to thank the businesses that proudly fly the American Flag on a daily basis.
Baker Hughes on Highway 90 in Broussard, we salute you!
‘Fiscal Cliff’ Simplified
When the news comes on and they start to discuss the "Fiscal Cliff" and the "Debt Ceiling", do you find yourself getting confused?
From The ‘I Never Knew That’ File: WWII
Did you know that 5 different attacks on United States soil occurred during World War II (other than Pearl Harbor, of course)?  I didn't, either.
The History Channel's website lists the 5 event, with general details, in a post entitled "5 Attacks on U...
Does Government Have It Wrong
Does government have it wrong?  I recieved an email recently that contained the following message.  I don't know where it originated so I don't know who penned these statments.  Whether you agree with government or not, use these words as food for thought...