texting while walking

Girl Falls Down Steps Texting While Walking
We know that social media and messaging with friends will be happening a lot at the parades and other Mardi Gras festivities- don't get so distracted by your phone that you get hurt! Watch this and don't let it happen to you!
Fountain Lady Funny Song
Just as a story seems safely dead and buried — interviews with their stars on morning talk shows are usually a sign of impending doom — the power of auto-tune comes along. Today, the magic of auto-tune has touched the infamous "mall fall" video — and the catchy sl…
Texting While Walking Update
(Metrosource)   A Pennsylvania woman who fell into a fountain while texting and walking through a mall is speaking out.  Cathy Cruz Marrero made a splash at the mall and on the Internet as her entire ordeal was caught on security cameras and posted on YouTube.