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How Dangerous Is It to Drive on Tax Day?
Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And the two may be even more closely linked than we thought — a new study shows fatal car crashes rise on April’s annual tax deadline day.
Tax Freedom Day
Freedom, Tax Man, Mine, Money, Movin' Out....  so many songs about taxes!  The song I sing about taxes could NEVER be on the radio, but that's a different story.
National Tax Freedom Day is coming up on April 12th.  What that means is this:  On average, a worker in the United States must work from Ja…
12 Common Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid in 2011
Knock Knock...Uncle Sam Calling
Let's face it: For many taxpayers, Tax Day is a major source of stress. Worries over whether you can file your return on time, pay what you owe and avoid an audit can rattle even the calmest of nerves and cause you to make a mistake. Mistakes on your tax return can ca…