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Can Your Race Affect How Much You Sleep?
Not getting enough sleep has been increasingly associated with a higher risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers.
Even worse, new research seems to indicate that how much we sleep could be linked to our ethnicity.
Are Morning People Happier Than Night Owls?
Turns out those chirpy morning people really are happier than night owls — a new study says that as we get older, we tend to shift to more of a daytime schedule, and that it makes us more cheerful people overall.
Learn Why We Dream in Under Seven Minutes [VIDEO]
This relatively brief video drops a whole lot of knowledge on why we dream, and what’s going on in our brains when we do so. If you’re in college and cramming for a test on oneirology, you may just want to check out this fast lecture.
Pancake Pillows Are Comfy, Good Enough to Eat
What’s more comforting than a pancake-shaped pillow? A stack of pancakes, when done right, is soft, plump and fluffy. So of course it would make sense to transform the breakfast staple into a pile of comfy pillows.
The relaxing flapjack stack even comes with two butter pillows to top …
Study: Weight Gain Linked To Lack Of Sleep
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered the people who don't sleep well tend to eat more than people who do, and that they do not burn any additional calories.  This doesn't mean that insomnia causes weight gain, but does show that sleep is important.
Computer Keeping You Up?
Sleepy Connected Americans
The 2011 Sleep in America poll by the National Sleep Foundation finds Americans aren’t getting enough sleep because they’re spending too much time online, especially in the hour before going to bed. Communications technology is definitely …