Anderson Cooper: "I’m Gay"
Ending years of speculation, Anderson Cooper announced this morning that, yes, he is gay. Read on for his official comment and why he decided now was the right time to publicly come out of the closet.
Adele Suing French Magazine Over Fake Sex Tape Claims
The trappings of being the most famous singer in the world are catching up to Adele and she’s not going to take it or allow her good name and image to be sullied.
The singer has quickly launched a lawsuit against French magazine Public after it published photos that it claims were tak…
Can Men and Women Be ‘Just Friends’?
In an effort to answering the age old question, 'can men and women be just friends?' two young independent filmmakers, Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero, set out to survey students at Utah State University. The answers were fascinating. What do you think...

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