New York

New York Subway Steps Trip People Up [VIDEO]
The 36th station New York subway steps trip people, but why?  They look normal.  Something is just not right about these subway steps but to the naked eye, they seem perfect.
Rihanna Nude Ad in Times Square Causes Commotion
Death. Taxes. Rihanna showing skin. Those are the few sure things in life. RiRi loves to drop trou, drop top or just not wear anything at all. The ‘Where Have You Been’ singer debuted a larger-than-life billboard in New York’s heavily trafficked Times Square, pr…
Man Needs Money for Dog Custody Fight
Craig Dershowitz of New York has spent $60,000 to try to win custody of his dog, a 'puggle' named 'Knuckles,' after his ex-girlfriend allegedly kidnapped him and took him across the country. He claims she keeps filing "crazy, frivolous motions " knowing he can&a…

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