Vermilion Council On Aging Asking For Heaters
Vermilion Council on Aging is having a heater drive for the elderly of our parish.
Vermilion Council on Aging is asking that anyone that has an electric heater they would like to donate to please drop it off at their office, 1928 Graceland Ave...
All OTC Allergy Medications Reviewed
Allergy season is here and with all the over the counter allergy medications, one can find themselves spending an hour in the middle of the drug isle reading labels trying to figure out which allergy medication is best.
How Far Do Your Germs Go When You Cough?
The video below shows how far your germs go when you cough. This demonstration will help you understand why you can pick up germs almost anywhere and why covering your mouth when you cough is so important.
The first two to four days of symptoms are when a cold is most contagious...

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