Man, I wish that today was April 1st instead of October 1st; this fake story about a submarine surfacing on a Milan street would have been great!

I came across the picture this morning online, and it really got me... I mean, I was fooled!  For a few seconds, I thought "Amazing!!  This submarine just surfaced ON A STREET!!", and then, the wise words of Abraham Lincoln entered my brain:

Abe Lincoln (Reddit)

It seems that this scene is from a commercial for auto insurance.  I wish it were real, I really do... this picture fascinates me!

So, at first, the picture fooled me.  Have you ever been duped?  I have to be honest: I was totally sucked in by the hype of "Blair Witch Project".  I had come across the "mockumentary" before the film came out, and I TOTALLY believed it!

Right as I was walking into the theatre, someone told me that it wasn't real.  I was SO READY to believe the whole thing!  (Even though the movie would have scared the bajungles out of me, I almost wanted to be able to believe it to be true).

Oh, and since it IS the first of October, and Halloween is right around the corner, don't forget about Museum of Fear, Downtown Lafayette.

Have a good day!

(Via Imgur, Reddit)