What's going on?

Steve Gets Doused With Flour
We've all heard of someone having egg on their face. How about flour in the face, or all over you, for that matter?...
Steve Wiley Runs Switchboard, CJ Gets Listeners To All Call At Once
Friday morning during the Polyester Power Hour, Steve Wiley host of KTDY's midday show, worked the Townsquare Media switchboard for 7 radio stations while Janet the real receptionist took a break. With the help of listeners to KTDY, CJ made his job VERY difficult.
What Does Your Key Ring Say?
What does your keyring say about you? Take a look at the KTDY staff's keyrings. Can you match them with their owners?
Happy Birthday Steve Wiley
Today is the anniversary of the birth of one of the nicest guys to have ever hit the planet: STEVEN H. WILEY!
Lizard Unleashes Mild Havoc in the KTDY Studio
A lizard managed to find his way in to our well-insulated, but not airtight, building. Naturally, he made his way to KTDY, because, I think, that's where all the best crumbs are.
Beer For Breakfast?!
Now that I have your attention.... As I type this, I'm sipping on a mug......of coffee. The beer's for cooking.  On a recent visit, my daughter noticed an unlabelled jar of a yellowish, amber liquid in my refrigerator. She asked what it was...
Daily Horoscope for Today 1/5/13
If you listen to KTDY while you are working or during the middays, you might have heard Steve Wiley do the Daily Horoscope.  He always gives a short saying or paragraph that is sure to get you thinking.  He wanted me to share this with you today...
Let’s Play ‘Bond Trivia’!
2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Ian Fleming's flamboyant, Martini loving, womanizing super spy James Bond.
The latest installment in the 007 Saga, Skyfall, raked in nearly $88 million over the weekend. The title song from Adele is top 10...