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I first met the beauty who would one day be my bride at the wedding of a mutual friend. Hurt by love before, I’d decided to stop looking. The friends getting married told me about this girl they knew that they thought I'd like. I wasn't so sure, because a broken heart holds little hope. While I was standing around in my tux (I'd been a groomsman in the wedding. This is important later) I laid eyes on this beautiful woman entering the reception hall. I had never seen her before, but I was smitten. I found the courage to introduce myself and asked her for a dance. It turned out her name was Ali, the very same girl my friends had thought I’d like! They were right. We danced, and I wanted to ask Ali out, but I also had to get to the bachelor party of another friend getting married the following weekend. I also didn't want to ask her in the crowded reception hall. So I went with another friend to a party at the house of one of Ali’s friends.

In full "task  mode," I thought, "Okay, I've got to ask Ali out and then get to Abbeville for the bachelor party." So, in a strange house with a group of people I barely knew, and still wearing a tuxedo, I saw a door in the kitchen. I assumed it was the garage and asked Ali,  "Have you seen the garage?" Not at all helpfully, she said "Yes." I asked her to see it again, we entered the garage, and amidst the romantic fumes of gasoline, I asked her to go on a date. She said "yes, “ and I said my goodbyes and flew off to the bachelor party.

A year and a half later, I enlisted the aid of that friend who had the party, as well as Ali’s aunt and a few other friends. We concocted a story about a fake girl's night, which Ali would attend. A sign left on the door read, "Come in, we're in the back." Ali opened the door to find a trail of rose petals leading to the garage. She cautiously opened the garage door, and found me wearing a tux, standing next to a table set for two. The garage was clean and decorated with potted trees adorned with strings of white lights. I walked up to Ali, took her hands in mine, and dropped to one knee. Producing a ring, I asked Ali to marry me. She said yes, we embraced, and then I hit "play" on the remote in my pocket, which started "Feels Like Home" by Bonnie Raitt, the song Ali told me she wanted to dance to with her groom at her wedding. We danced, and then sat down to dinner and wine prepared by another mutual friend. After we ate, my new fiance and I went to Alesi's Italian Restaurant, where we had our first date. There, we met both of our families and friends in the back room, much to my fiance's surprise. We celebrated our engagement with our family and friends, and a year or so later, Ali and I married at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Crowley. We celebrated our nine year anniversary in January and have two beautiful daughters, Ava and Camille.
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