I've kept quiet publicly about this 'Bounty Gate' thing..........until now.  Many Saints Fans feel we're being singled out. We Are!.........but not by the NFL.  This is a juicy story & the national media is circling like vultures.


I've been watching professional football for, well,..a long time.  I've been a Saints fan for more than 30 years, and will continue to be. I have been, and remain, a big fan of Sean Payton.  That being said, they screwed up, not by trying to knock players out of games, but by arrogantly flaunting it at a time when the NFL is facing litigation

from former players who claim the league didn't do enough to protect them from injury, and failed to educate them about the long-term effects of those injuries, while the owners are pushing for an 18 game regular season.

Former Cowboys' defensive back, Darren Woodson says the practice is widespread, and has gone on for decades. Listen to the recording of  part of Williams' final pre-game speech as a Saints coach. I caution you, the language is explicit. Here's reaction from former player Mike Golic.

Are the Saints being made an example?  Absolutely!  Should there be penalties for this? I think so.  Is Sean's one- year suspension excessive?  I think so.