I just read it, and it made me sick to think that there are people who look 'up' to this individual (I was going to type "man", but he's no real man).  The report (posted on MTV.com) details the severe beating that Chris Brown administered to Rihanna, and her actions to try to protect herself.








Before you start assaulting me with "well, JayCee, don't you believe in second chances??", let me tell you:  I do believe in second chances.  For people who deserve them.  Do you know what Chris Brown tweeted after he won his Grammy?  According to CBC News, Chris Brown tweeted these words:

Hate All U Want Becuz I Got A Grammy Now!

I left out the vulgarity that was included in his tweet, but you can read the rest of his post-Grammy tweet (which he quickly pulled down after just a few minutes) at the CBC News site.

In all honesty, I don't listen to Chris Brown's music.  I don't care for what I have heard of his, and I really don't care to support the career of a woman beater who shows no remorse for his actions.