The 2013 NFL Draft starts tomorrow at 7:00 pm Central time.

The NFL Network will carry it live. The New Orleans Saints draft #15 overall.  After posting the worst defensive season in NFL history, it stands to reason they'll be looking for help on that side of the ball. The Saints have signed several free agent defensive backs and linebackers this offseason. They still need pass rushers. Fortunately, this draft is deep with

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

defensive linemen. They also need a reliable left offensive tackle to protect Drew Brees' blind side.

On the eve of the draft, commissioner Roger Goodell has launched an intiative called "Heads Up Football."  It's aimed at youth league players. Heads Up Football is designed to train young players not to lead with their heads, either when making a tackle, or playing offense.

The NFL owners enacted new rules this offseason to discourage offensive players from "leading with their heads", similar to rules  previously in place governing defensive players.

I've seen cynics posting in social media that the NFL is on its way to becoming a game of two hand touch. What's your opinion?