Move over BAND AID, the ouch is gone.  Sometimes the toughest part about having an injury in changing the dressing.

Well not anymore!  There’s a new “quick release” medical tape.  Biomedical engineers from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have created the ultimate medical tape.  Well it's about time!  The new bandage sticks but peels off easily.  You know what that means, skin doesn't stretch like silly putty and hair won't be pulled out by the roots.

No word when the new bandages will hit store shelves, but let's hope soon.

[Via:  Time]


It doesn’t matter how you take off bandages — quickly or slowly, they hurt. And it’s not just a matter of a little discomfort. Taking tape off improperly can cause serious injury among patients with weak skin — including babies born prematurely who are hooked up to tubes and other monitors secured to their skin. Conventional tape is designed to break apart at the point where the tape adhesive meets the skin, the researchers say. But a preterm baby’s skin will often rip more easily than the tape, so the tape itself stays together while the skin tears apart. In some cases, skin damage from tape removal can cause lifelong scarring. “This is one of the biggest problems faced in the neo

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