A & E is introducing the cast of 'The Governor's Wife' online. Edwin Edwards is described as "a respected and beloved figure in Louisiana's colorful culture" and his bride, Trina, as "wildly in love with Edwin."  A & E says the series:

" follows Trina as she discovers Edwin's reserve of frozen sperm and tries to grow the family, while also attempting to fit into the former governor's Southern high society, get along with stepdaughters twice her age, corral her teenage sons and fend off skeptics who think she's a gold digger."

Season 1 debuts on October 27, 2013. Gambit magazine says in its review of Episode 1

"Your interest in — or tolerance for — A&E's new "reality" series The Governor's Wife will be tested in the opening minutes of the first episode, at the very point where thirtyish Trina Scott Edwards, the bride of former Gov. Edwin Edwards, talks about her desire to have a child with him and mentions harvesting the 85-year-old's previously frozen "baby gravy."


Check out the Episode Guide here on A & E's website.