In a world where things like iPads, CGI special effects, and robots on Mars are common place, it's not every day that you see something that makes you say, "OMG HOW DID THEY DO THAT??!?!?".

But that's exactly what we said when we saw Matchbox Twenty's new interactive music video for their song "She's So Mean".

Using technology designed for the military by people who are obviously really really smart, the interactive video allows you to be the director.

So whether you're a diehard Matchbox Twenty fan, or you hate all music and just happen to be on this website ironically, we know you'll find this video interesting. So check it out and let us know what you think.

Here's the normal -- not crazy awesome video:

And here's the HOW DID THEY DO THAT interactive one:

(Click on the video and drag left or right)

So what do you think of this new video technology? Let us know in the comment section!