Magicians wanted for awesome new attraction in New Orleans! Have you heard of  The Mortuary Haunted House? They are planning a new attraction called 'Mystere Mansion… An Adventure in Magic' for March thru July and need your skills! They are ready to hire talent for this exciting new experience and are looking for several types and levels of magic performers. Auditions are Thursday, February 16th. Email your resume & video to today!

Here's the full description:

The setting for this adventure is a well-to-do gentleman’s club of the type that flourished in the 1890’s from Europe to the US. Mingle with brave explorers with tall tales extolling the virtues of living on the edge where adventures, discoveries, and the 'real' threat of death are constant companions.

You’ll be escorted into the Secret Grand Parlor where you’ll discover an elegant cabaret, where we serve cocktails, gourmet appetizers and an array of delicious desserts! And then… It’s SHOWTIME Featuring Comical Parlor Magic!

With brandy in hand and the Trophy Room as a backdrop, hear reports being told to the other members of the club by a daring explorer who’s just returned from some adventure in a far away, mysterious place. Guests need only sit back in their chair, close their eyes, and bask in the camaraderie of the club – as they share their experiences.

Then it’s off to the Library… our classic mahogany bar. This Speak Easy is a great place to freshen up your tropical cocktail before heading to the Looking Glass Chamber where you’ll experience Close-Up Magic! This form of entertainment boasts incredible sleight-of-hand with borrowed personal objects, coins, and cards. This is magic performed up-close-and-personal.

Step through the Looking Glass and you’ll find yourself in the Séance Chamber. Here our resident conjurer will invite you to participate in recreating the mystery of a classic Victorian séance. Our medium will open the veil between this world and the next first with fascinating mentalism and illusion, calling on the power of the unseen, and then, forming a magic circle and joining hands, summons the spirits of the afterworld to materialize right before your eyes.

And for the Grand Finale, we’ll welcome you to join us in the Red Theater for the grand illusion and other stage performances. The show is done in classic stage style, except its intimate and close-up to the performer, seating only 60 guests. It is non-stop, mind-boggling magic; incredible mind reading demonstrations; hilarious comedy antics and lots of audience participation, all blended into a unique mix of interactive entertainment that is guaranteed to please. You will laugh, be amazed, and most importantly, be thoroughly entertained!

I can't wait to go! -Deb-