From the dumb criminal file... A 25 year old man from Princeton, Louisiana tried to carjack an unmarked police vehicle- with three on-duty cops in it! Here's how it happened: On August 1, 2012 around 4:30 p.m., a Louisiana State Police detective and two members of the United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force were stopped at a traffic light on Spring Street in downtown Shreveport. The officers were riding in the trooper’s unmarked Louisiana State Police unit, when Joshua Adam Carter, a 25 year old white male, of Princeton, LA approached the vehicle and attempted to steal it from the officers. Carter began pulling on the vehicle’s door handle and demanding that the door be opened. After realizing that the doors were locked and the vehicle was occupied by police officers, he fled the scene. The officers quickly gave chase and apprehended Carter without incident. Carter was taken into custody and transported to the Shreveport City Jail where he was charged with attempted carjacking.