In an effort to help reunite pets with their owners, Lost and Found Pets Acadiana Facebook page is a resource that has been getting the job done!

It happened to me:  I accidentally left front ajar, and before I knew it, ZOOM!  Mannie took off and was galavanting around the neighborhood in seconds!!

It's a good thing that I have a "secret weapon" when it comes to getting my dogs' attention.  Four simple words:  "Who wants a treat??"  Brings them back every time!

Now, for those who aren't lucky enough to be home when their pet gets out, we have the Lost and Found Pets Acadiana page on Facebook.  It's a place for pet owners to post pictures and details about their lost pet, and a place for people who find pets to do the same.  The pictures on this page (except for the first one, those are my pups!) are taken from Lost and Found Pets Acadiana Facebook page; dogs who are lost and need to find their way home!

I hope that you never need to use it, but it is a good link to keep handy.  Log in to Facebook, search for Lost and Found Pets Acadiana, and click "Like".  Anytime you hear of someone who loses or finds a pet, please share the page with them!