lost and found

Puppy Found Near Lake Martin Needs Home
I am hoping that the puppy just wandered from home, but the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe someone didn't want the puppy and decided to drop it off to fend for itself.
Bird Reported Missing In Duson
The bird, "Charlie", escaped his cage around 10am. He's a large Macaw, is partial to women over men, and will bite if he feels threatened.
West Point Jacket Found in Sandy Aftermath
I guess that we are so 'accustomed' to hurricanes here in South Louisiana that when another area gets hit by one, we all say "we feel for you guys", because, well, we know what it feels like.
Lost Pet Resource
When Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac was blowing through here (thank goodness things were minimal for most of Acadiana), it reminded me of how pets sometimes can't handle the stress/excitement of bad weather.
Lost and Found Pets Acadiana is a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting lost and found pe…

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