Three local Jeep clubs are teaming up to show support to the family and friends of the Chitimacha police officer who lost his life on a call this past weekend.

Bon Temps Jeep Club, Cajun Jeepers and Louisiana Jeepers will be meeting at the Northwest Truck Stop in Franklin (just off of Highway 90 at the Franklin exit) Thursday, January 31st, at 2pm to line part of the funeral procession route for Sergeant Rick Riggenbach.

Anyone who would like to join us in a final salute to a local hero is encouraged to do so; if you have a Jeep or 4x4, meet us at the truck stop and we will guide you as to where we will be parking along the route.  If you don't have a 4x4 or Jeep, please park at the truck stop as well; we encourage you to stand with us as Sergeant Riggenbach takes his final journey.  If you own an American flag, bring it with you, as we will be flying our Colors proudly.

SGT Riggenbach was killed on Saturday as he responded to a call while performing his duties as a Chitimacha Police Officer.  He leaves behind his parents, his wife and four children.

Our intention is to express to Sergeant Riggenbach's family our condolences for their loss, our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made as a "police family", and to show our support for the dozens of other law enforcement officials who will be in attendance.

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