Prom season is upon us. The traditions have changed, but the sentiment remains the same. It's an exciting rite of passage for teenagers and a night when many parents don't get a wink of sleep. Hearing the commercials for dress shopping and tuxedo rentals lately takes me back to my prom... in 1976. We held a class vote to decide on the band. Our choices were Zebra or The Meters. We chose Zebra. I asked my colleagues here at Townsquare Media Lafayette to name the song they remember as THE song from their prom. I'll start: THE song from my prom was 'Color My World' by Chicago (it was an oldie, even then, but what a great song!)

  • Francis, 1969: 'Dazed and Confused' by Led Zeppelin

  • Ray, 1972: 'Easy Loving' by Freddie Hart

  • Steve Wiley, 1974: 'We May Never Pass This Way Again' by Seals and Crofts

  • Debbie Ray, 1976: 'Color My World' by Chicago

  • Mike, 1978: 'Night Fever' by the Bee Gees

  • Pam, 1980: 'Graduation Night' by T.K. Hulin

  • CJ, 1981: 'Endless Love' by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

  • Janet, 1984: 'Let It Whip' by the Dazz Band

  • JayCee, 1985: 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds

  • Tracy, 1988: 'Dream On' by Aerosmith

  • Dana, 1990: 'Vogue' by Madonna

  • Scott, 1992: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana

  • Speedy, 1996: 'Get Ready, Ready' by DJ Jubilee

  • Kathleen and Digi, '1999': 1999 by Prince

    Prince won't let us show you his videos. Sorry.


  • Heather, 2007: 'Umbrella' by Rihanna

  • Sam, 2007: 'Wipe Me Down' by Lil Boosie

    Can't show you this one, it's NSFW!