The Lafayette City-Parish water conservation ordinance is aimed at combating low water pressure during peak hours (late afternoon and evening). The ordinance applies only to automated watering systems and sprinklers, not hand-held hose watering. The enforcement of the ordinance is May 1 through September 30 of each year. All customers using water from Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) must comply, including wholesale users

With the hottest months of the year approaching, the water conservation ordinance is designed to help the system maintain pressure levels needed to fight fires and ensure the safety of our community. Low water pressure is caused by competition for water during peak times, such as when customers simultaneously try to use large amounts of water for automated lawn watering along with typical consumption. By simply rescheduling lawn watering, customers help to protect our water supply as well as prevent a threat to firefighting efforts in our community.

Citizens are asked to report violations to LUS at 291-5740.