There's a stigma associated with information found on Wikipedia, and not without good reason.

But there is reliable and often fascinating information to be unearthed there.

I was thinking about how, a few years ago, I saw a post on a message board somewhere from a guy who had created an entire Wiki dedicated to himself. I'd forgotten about that until today, and then I decided to see if someone had created an entry for KTDY.

Sure enough, someone did. Most of the info is pretty standard stuff you'd already know.

But did you know there's a reason behind a radio station's call letters? I never thought about it much myself. Then I read "call sign meaning" in the sidebar and I was surprised and intrigued to learn that KTDY stands for

"ToDaY Radio."

How about that? KTDY does indeed play the "best variety of the 80s, 90s, and today."

So there it is. Our mission can be found in our call letters. Pretty cool.

Other fun stuff, like the fact that KTDY started out as KPEL (which stands for "PELican State Radio") can be found within the KTDY Wikpedia entry.