Dr. Jesse McGuire played the National Anthem today at the opening of the Carolina/San Francisco game, and he nails it!!

If you have ever heard me speak about the National Anthem, you'll know that I like it done "properly".  I don't like it when the singers "showboat": this song is not about their vocal ability; it's about giving honor to our country.  It's about remembering where we came from.  It's about remembering and honoring those who died in defense of our country.  It is, at most, 2 minutes for us to take out of our day to be solemn, be sincere, and to swell with pride.

This isn't one of those performances that brings me to tears, but it is one that makes me stand up and say "OOOOORRRAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

I love my country; I hope that the politicians don't screw it up....


(Via Youtube)