I have a friend in Lafayette (well, I have more than just one, but I am just talking about this one right now) who experienced something last night that chilled her to her core; I will let her words (taken from Facebook) tell you the story:

Same ol rant, but now I have first hand experience.

If you do not have a conceal carry permit and you are a female in Lafayette or anywhere else, its about time you get one.
If you are in a place where you can not have a gun, you might want to look into carrying a knife or taking self defense classes.

Tonight I was staying with a friend in ICU and was going move my car closer to the door. Im walking out and this guy in a truck is acting weird in the parking lot and parks his truck next to mine. My gut said dont go, so I listened.
Some people we know were walking down and I asked the guy to come with me so I can move my car. Sure enough,as we were walking that way, the guy took off and pretty quickly to the other parking lot and started the same strange behavior. Security went out and started going towards him and he took off down Ambassador towards Walmart. The cops have now been informed and are looking for this person. If you think Lafayette is a safe town, you are wrong. I have friends that are cops and will tell you. If you think you dont need to carry anything, you are wrong. Who's going to be there to help you? The bad guy will not wait for you to call the cops.

Please, do yourself a favor and look into a way of protecting your self.
If you are leaving a building late at night, get a security guard or someone to go out with you to your car. I cant stress this enough.
If you need names for conceal carry teachers, please ask.
If you need one outside of Louisiana, please ask. My people have people.
Please find some way to protect yourself. Don't be a victim

I am glad that she listened to her 'gut' because I don't want anything bad to happen to her.  In the same vein, I don't want anything bad to happen to you, either. Some people might think that buying and carrying a gun is 'extreme' (I am NOT one of those people); if you do, then at the very least, please take self-defense classes, or carry mace with you at all times.
I know that the Lafayette Police Department offers some on-line tips for protecting yourself, and they also conduct free self-defense classes with different women's organizations from time-to-time;  the Lafayette Sheriff's Department also offers free classes, so grab a girlfriend (or two) and get to one (or two) of these classes.
I hope that you will never have to say "I wish I would have taken that self-defense class".