If I happen to hit the numbers this evening, here is a list of websites I will use to WISELY spend my easy-earned- mega-millions-almost-billion-I-can't-believe-I'm-rich-enough-to-hire-the-President-of-the-United-States money:

(I'm going to hide the identities of the websites, you know, for dramatic effect and all...)

1.  This website number 1.  I am sure that I can find something for a cool $15 - $20 million.

2.  This is website number 2.  I WILL need something to get me to my purchase from website #1!

3.  This is website number 3.  I am hoping that it doesn't cost too much to order one in yellow!

4.  This is website number 4.  I'll put purchase #3 to good use here!

5.  This is the final website I'll need.  Not for YOURS, of course... I just think it'll be a handy tool...

If you bought a ticket, GOOD LUCK!  (And remember your favorite DJ, k?)