Flying has become a royal pain in the butt in recent years. Airlines have cut back on service, and reduced the number of available flights. Planes are increasingly crowded, and we have fewer choices of itinerary. I've boarded 7 planes in the past 10 days, and noticed the advent of baggage fees has brought a dramatic increase in the size of "Carry on" baggage. On my recent trip, I noticed people carrying bags that wouldn't fit into the overhead baggage compartment, let alone the "sizer" at the check-in counter. Paying $50.00 round trip for my baggage makes my teeth grind. This has prompted me to travel light. I carried one bag on my recent trip. It was "a little large", but it fit into the baggage compartments, and I saved the baggage fee. My bag arrived with me. That being said, I changed planes twice & had to lug that thing through 4 airports. On they way home, I ponied up the $25.00.

Some people bring rather ridiculous items, and often forget them. 700 members of airline cabin crews were recently surveyed. Some of them provided disturbing information about items passengers left behind.

Dentures, underpants, a glass eye, a prosthetic leg, an egg, a bag filled with sand, one shoe, a bag of diamonds, a toupee, and handcuffs aren't even close to being among their most bizarre discoveries. Twenty-four percent of those surveyed finding a lost passport. Twenty-three percent have found cell phones. Have you ever left anything important behind?