When it comes to dating, a survey of singles has revealed the top 5 biggest turn-offs.  If you're having trouble in the dating world, you might want to check out what people are saying.

Coming in at number one on the list?  Bad breath!  Have you ever gone on a date to find out he/she has halitosis?  Was it a deal breaker?

Being overweight is an issue with singles.  I know we should all search for someone who is good on the inside, but ultimately, your initial contact usually involves someone's cosmetic outward appearance.  Getting to know a person's heart usually comes in time.

Many respondents said that when their date is rude to cab drivers, waitresses, or anyone else, also leaves them turned off.

In addition, smoking was listed as a big turn-off amongst those surveyed.

See the complete list here.

[Via:  Gal Time]