Seeing is not believing! Were you hacked by those pictures on facebook and email that said to click to see the body of Osama bin Laden? Did you ever wonder why the water was so blue in those beauty shots of the Gulf of Mexico during the BP disaster last summer? Remember Oprah's TV Guide cover that turned out to be the daytime queen's head pasted on Ann-Margaret's body? You probably know by now that, just like the pictures of gorgeous supermodels in magazines, they were photoshopped, utterly fake or totally misrepresented. Many of the ones that come as email attachments or on social networking sites contained malware. I always check sites like and when I get one of those forwarded emails, but exposes the actual steps the photo doctors took to create the famous Bin Laden photo, and CBS News explains the fancy wording and other tricks that make us believe others are real. A rose is a rose, but a picture is not necessarily a photograph.